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My large-scale sculptures are inspired by the relationships I have had throughout my life. Early work explored the camaraderie between my peers in the army, intriguing individuals from my childhood in Singapore, friendships and father figures from my time in Montana, as well as the creation of my alter ego; Rabbit Man. I was born in the year of the rabbit and have two brothers. We lived a modest life in Singapore; played outside, went to the market with my mother, played make believe. We entertained each other playing with invented toys and using our imaginations.

Fast forward thirty years, I am now a father of a 3 year old, living in Canada. My son and I spend a great deal of time together. We go on walks and bike rides, explore the “cliffs” of Medicine Hat, build forts, play hide and seek, build Lego rocket ships and transform Megatron and Bumble Bee. My son has a very different childhood then I did. He has hundreds of toys; Lego, cars, planes, guns and action figures. I watch him as he imagines he is Megatron or Iron Man, he creates on his own alter ego, embodying the toys we play with.

Fatherhood has created an opportunity to relive my childhood. I play as though I am a child again, but realize I am just as much a toy, as the “play-thing”.